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About Us

Hang Accessories wasn’t planned.  Neither was the decision to quit my ten year corporate career in advertising, pack my bags, and move to Spain on sabbatical.   But you know what they say.. [insert cheesy life moral quote of your choice here]. 
Fast forward to 2006:  I traveled, sought, adventured, and learned how to appreciate the little things.  Ah, the little things..  *Cue light bulb over head*
And so it began, the reinvention of the purse hanger, and the first chapter of
Hang Accessories.
Fast forward to now: I turned to We, as a few amazing women joined me for the ride.  Sure, we’ve grown; you can find us in thousands of boutiques across the states.  But, we’re still about the little things.  The 3 am design sketches, the 4 am ‘Aha!’ moments, the glorious first sips of extra-shot-extra-extra-sugar coffees, and the glass of wine to end some of the longer days.  We’re on the go.  Somewhere between the coffee and the travel, we started making bags, and lots of other things too. 
Anyhow, you can’t organize the timeline of your life. But, we believe opposites attract: our rapidly moving lives are better embraced with travel accessories that can hold it together for all of us. 
Renee Rich & The Hang Accessories Team